Truck Electrical Mechanical Services, Emergency Breakdown, Hydraulic Tailgate Installation


All Types of Electrical services 12/24 Volts

We offer the highest degree of quality auto electrical repairs for trucks and heavy vehicles

Trailer Rewiring 12/24 Volts

The electrical systems of a range of truck trailers are repaired and serviced by us.

Installations Truck Tarp Systems

Retractable tarping systems are designed by PowerTarps. They've spent years adapting, developing.

Air conditioning regassing

Every vehicle has to have working auto air conditioning on scorching Summer days

Alternator and Starter Motor Repair and Replacements

A faulty alternator can disrupt.

Basic Mechanical services

We conduct a wide range of mechanical and auto electrical system repairs and replacements

Reconditioning of Starter Motors and Alternators

A faulty alternator can disrupt the working of electrical components and, in extreme situations.

All Electrical hydraulic tailgate

At HS Automotive, we carry all of the leading hydraulic tailgate brands. Sales, service