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Electrical work

Electrical work

Keeping boat electrics in good working order necessitates a tremendous deal of attention. Corrosion is the scourge of all marine vessel electrical systems, unlike plant, trucks, or other land-based electrical systems.

We recommend a considerably greater frequency of servicing schedule for marine-based electrical systems than for land-based electrical safeguards to avoid your investment.

Switches, wiring, components, and connections will inevitably corrode. Many of our boat customers have monthly maintenance checks to clean the systems and replace any parts that are no longer salvageable. Over the previous two decades, modern manufacturing has come a long way in ensuring that electrical components are protected from salt air, but salt water always wins!

We assure the integrity of all boat electrical systems during maintenance or repair, that they are correctly sealed, and that you, as the owner, are aware of the best ways to care for your investment.

We maintain all boat electrical systems on a regular basis, including (but not limited to):